Kovači 17, 52464 Kaštelir, Hrvatska. Telefon: +385 (0)98 936 24 35 ili +385 (0)91 764 35 82

Complaints and objections

In case of complaint, damage during delivery, error in data transfer or any other defect, please contact us within two working days of receipt of the shipment. The buyer is obliged to send a complaint by e-mail to, by phone at +385 98 936 2435, in writing within the legal deadline of 14 days.

The user acquires the right to complaints if:

• the goods were not delivered according to the instructions in the order

• the delivered goods do not meet the standards

• Damage occurred during delivery

Upon receipt of the goods, the verification of the correctness of the order depends on the buyer, and the buyer is obliged to compare the received items with the invoice, if something is missing, it is necessary to note immediately because subsequent complaints will not be considered.

All the above complaints will be resolved in agreement with the customer or recipient of the goods.

Online dispute resolution

By a special regulation of the European Union, from 15 February 2016, throughout the EU, disputes related to online shopping can be resolved through a platform that you can access here.

This means that if you encounter a problem during an online purchase within the EU (defective product, inability to replace the product, etc.) you can submit your complaint at the link above.

The platform can be used by both consumers and traders, and complaints can be lodged in any of the 23 official EU languages.