The Grebac family is the fourth generation which has dedicated itself to olive production, from regenerating old trees to planting new ones, and the numerous acknowledgements and awards that we have received year after year prove the high quality of GREBAC oil.

Obtained through cold press and preserved in ideal conditions, our oils will enhance every meal with its rich taste and scent, and will have direct health benefits.

Olive oil is an almost ideal fat, with powerful antioxidants, and whoever cares about their quality of life must use it in their daily nutrition.


GREBAC extra virgin olive oil is obtained using only the best olives from our own olive grove, located in a unique geographical area, with the selfless effort of the entire family.

An olive grove made up of around 1000 olive trees, located on the west coast of Istria, is the optimal size to which we can give our full devotion and from which we can obtain outstanding olive fruit and extra virgin olive oil.


We have three superior olive oils in our product range – LECCINO, BUŽA and BIANCHERA, as well as PREMIUM MIX – an oil obtained from a mix of different types of olives.

LECCINO is the most widespread type of olive in the world due to its exceptional adaptability to various agro-ecological conditions. The oil is characterised by its strong scent of green olives, mild bitterness and slight piquancy.



With a little imagination and creativity, these superior olive oils can be used in almost all meals.
Please note that more piquant oils are best suited to stronger meals (roasts, prosciutto, bitter salads…) while milder oils to
simpler meals (pasta dishes, fish, salads, desserts).
Try GREBAC extra virgin olive oils and enjoy their health benefits.


BIANCHERA or ISTRIAN BIJELICA is an olive native to Istria, and gives an excellent oil of accentuated bitterness and piquancy, and a pronounced smell of green olives.

Available packing: 250ml, 500ml and 750ml


BUŽA is the most widespread olive type that is native to Istria. It gives an oil of extraordinarily high quality, pleasing bitterness and somewhat piquancy, as well as a distinctly fruity scent.

Available packing: 250ml, 500ml and 750ml


LECCINO je sorta masline koja je najraširenija u svijetu zbog svoje izvanredne prilagodbe na različite agro-ekološke uvjete. Ulje je prepoznatljivo po snažnom mirisu na zelene masline, blage gorčine i blage pikantnosti.

Dostupna pakiranja: 250ml, 500ml i 750ml


PREMIUM MIX oil is obtained from a mix of several types of olives. A high quality olive oil full of harmonious tastes and aromas and lightly piquant, it will satisfy every healthy food lover.

Available packing: 250ml, 500ml and 750ml


January 4, 2020

Gold Awarded Grebac Olive Oil

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January 4, 2020

olive harvest done, we are waiting for the ultimate extra virgin olive oil



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